FTP Exports

Emply offers file uploads to ftp servers.

It is configured from the integration section under 'Exports'.

What you need to do:

  • Configure a FTP server with at least SFTP or FTPS
  • Create an export Ie. CSV with your desired data content.


  • Switch on FTP and choose your method.


  • Select Protocol
  • Fill in URL (if you are not using default ports for protocol enter port number in URL)
    • Example: localhost:[port_number]/folder
  • Fingerprint / certificate*
  • Select encryption (FTPS)
  • Fill in Credentials
  • Open for Emply IP addresses (contact support to get IP range)

*Fingerprint is collected from the clients server, it's required that they have whitelisted our IP range.

Default ports

SFTP: 22

FTPS: 990 implicit; 21 Explicit

FTP: 21