Unpublish a job manually

In this article you can read about how to unpublish a job manually. It could be, for example, that the job had to be republished before the application deadline, or that the job was promoted with manual publication if the job does not have an application deadline.


1. Navigate to the job and click on Promoted


2. Click UnpublishEmply_2021-02-16_16-42-57.png

Notice, from here you can unpublish all job ads, if the job ad has been promoted to other medias. 

3. Click Unpublish againEmply_2021-02-16_16-44-18.png

Now the job has been unpublished!


A job can also be unpublished from the tab Promote in the following way

1. Navigate to the job and then the tab ''Promote''

2. Click on ''Promoted''


3.Click on ''Unpublish''


4.Click on ''Unpublish'' again


Now the job has been unpublished!