Register absence from dashboard

With the new dashboard, you have a golden opportunity to customize exactly the overview you want of the data you / your employees generate in Emply. By adding the widget called '' Absence '' you can keep track of your own current absence or that of your employees and you can even register absence directly from the dashboard. See how to do in the example below.


1. (Administrators only) Once in the dashboard, click '' Settings. Then click on a plus icon and select the widget called '' Absence ''


2. If you have an absence widget available in your dashboard, click on '' Register Absence ''


3. Select yourself or the employee for whom absence is to be registered

4. Indicate the type of absence in question

5. Enter the duration

6. (optional) Specify who will cover you / the employee during the absence

7. (optional) Notify an employee of the absence

8. Attach a comment to the absence

9. Press "Save" to register the absence


You have now registered the absence from your dashboard!