Serviceplatformen (STS)

This integration is meant for Danish Municipals only

This integration will synchronize

  1. Departments
  2. Users

Setting up the integration

  1. One of the main requirement to for integration - customer’s approval of request from Emply side regarding access to services for getting of departments and users (should be done in STS system). This is done with Emply's Nem-ID on the Serviceplatform (Gert has to do it)
  2. After approval has been accepted integration must be enabled in administration module from page with advanced settings of customer:


  • Customer should have correct VAT number in system, which corresponds to CVR number of municipality in STS system.
  • Default user type should be chosen - that user type will be assigned to new users.

How it works

After that will be created sub-job for synchronization of departments and users with STS.

Default execution time of sub-job - daily, at 00:00 UTC.

It takes organisation structure of customer. Builds tree of departments and add/update departments to Emply.

All not present in STS departments will be marked as inactive.

Then sub-job takes each department one-by-one and gathers information about users in department.

All active users with email, first and last names will be added to Emply.


All not present in response users with email from same domain(s) will be marked as inactive in Emply.

New users has random password and must change password on next login.


Data synched with STS integration

  • Default username for new users is their email.
  • Language, timezone and currency for new users are taken from customer’s settings in Emply.
  • User membership will be updated
  • Department title
  • Custom ID 
  • Parent department 

Information from STS is considered as primary and will update corresponding properties of user.


What is not transferred in current version of STS integration:

  • Department address (Street, Zip and City)
  • P-number
  • EAN
  • CVR number

In order to put above data on each department, an import can be performed by an administrator. In cases with one or few changes on departments those values can be entered manually.


Handling errors

If customer reports deactivated users or other problems - create a ticket in Zendesk

Developer should check for errors in Hangfire service

If problem is on STS side then create a ticket in their helpdesk




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