Setup Emply to use your own SMTP Server


Note: MS365 SMTP is not supported!


Steps in setting up

  • SMTP server
    • Opening port you are using
    • Make sure you have white listet our IP range:
    • Setup a user with enough privileges to allow Emply sending mails for all domain users
  • Emply 
    • Make sure domain is added succesfully
    • Make sure widget is activated (green)


In order to send out mails from Emply to users, candidates and employees with your own domain, you need to either

  1. Use your smtp server or
  2. Use our public smtp server.

First go to menu and choose

Settings > Integrations > Applications


Activate "Own email domain"



You start by clicking “Add domain”.

Select Own email server


Fill out the domain ex.:

If you want to use your “Own email server” you fill out the fields, click “Check the connection” and if you click “Save” it will save it and go back to domain overview.

Note: Password is encrypted in your database


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