Export JSON Package


If you can't find the exact data you need in our other APIs you can try this out as it can give you some of that special data you have created.

JSON package is something that you build in Emply and it's then ready to be picked up by some service that your IT service or another software sytem provider can build.

Once the package has been build ie. export on employees it's ready for pick-up.

With Emply automation - you can build automation that runs that export and update the package content. 

Emply is a dynamic HR platform where customers can create all kinds of employee data they want and need to fulfill the administrative tasks required. These data can be exported in use for other systems lists and like.



  • Setting up the JSON file
  • Setting up API key
  • Testing output file

Setting up JSON file

Go to: Settings -> Integrations -> Export


Create new export


  • Give an internal description
  • Select employee or candidate
  • Choose data for the package
    • Click on [Keywords]
  • Copy GUID for later use


Example code format:

"Medarbejder nummer":"[employee.number]",







Build / test export

Go to employees section

  • Choose test employees
  • Choose last  icon in footer
  • ExportSk_rmbillede_2021-01-26_kl._15.35.01.png




Test package in API

Go to https://api.emply.com/index.html 

Have your API key and JSON package GUID ready

Choose authorize and enter API key


Go to Exports


Get ExportId try it out and enter

  • GUID = exportid
  • Customer
  • Execute
  • Copy an entity from the response


Get entity (single) try it out and 

  • Paste entity from response 
  • Execute
  • Response should match the data you have put in JSON package.



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