Get data from forms (Form data API)


This article is mainly to understand and test how to retrieve data from custom forms in Emply.

It can be used as inspiration on how to build a service program that can get data from Emply API.

You will need an API key from your Emply application, and the name or ID of the form you would like to get data from

You can find our updated API here.


Employees API is used to get all data that have been collected by a form that are used for employees and onboarding area.

Forms are customizable and can therefore contain a lot of the data you would need for your integration or workflow outside Emply.


Test the data you can expose in the API

Go to API here

Have your API key ready and login


Using Employees API with/without a FormId

This example uses employees, but you can use similar with 'Candidates API'.


You are required to enter

  • Date (if no response try to go further back to see when these were created)
  • Customer prefix
  • (Optional) If you enter a specific formID it will only return employees where that form has been used.

It will return these basic employee informations and IDs

  • Id (Employee profile ID)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • DepartmentID
  • AbsenceGroupID
  • ManagerID
  • Employee number
  • Created date
  • Updated date

Find the form ID - > Go to Forms API

And look for the ID of the form you need data from


Copy the ID you get and paste it into the Employees API and try it out 



Get form data for a profile -> Go to FormData Api


  • Id (Employee profile ID)
  • Area
  • FormID



This will return the data provided by the form and values in it.





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