Payroll export


The payroll export is primarily developed to be able to provide HR Master Data and absence registrations for the payroll system Epos provided by Azets Denmark, however the setup can also be used when delivering csv / Excel formats to other payroll agencies, which can thus load changes to employees' master data and absence registrations.



Emply offers a self-service where you can configure your file export / formation.

File template

Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Export

The file template is set up in the Emply export module by adding the necessary and desired data from Emply.

Choose CSV


Activate export for payroll system


Add elements from eg master data, etc. Ask your Emply consultant if you need assistance.

  • Column names can be changed by opening the individual item
  • Fixed values can be set
  • X number of empty columns can be inserted


A feature that you can set up and the payroll file is saved on your or the payroll agency's ftp server


Payroll Group

Go to Settings -> Templates -> Payroll

It's necessary to set up a payroll group in order to make the automation work and to have a target group for a payroll file export.

Here you have the possibility to set the format on the master data file:

  1. "Full load" (If delta file is not chosen).
    • All informations from file template is created every time.
  2. Activate Delta files*
    • One line for each employee that has changed information on the chosen export template.
  3. Show only changed fields (Delta files)*
    • Only changed fields are shown in the file + employee number or chosen identifier (column A).

*Full load will be exported if template has been changed.

Basic info: Choose Epos



  • Choose your export template
  • Enable delta files if you only want changes, from the last export (date)
  • Choose employee number (checksum)
  • Choose simple or continued absence file format
  • Setup Leave type codes
  • Setup resignation reasons


Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Automation

Before setting up automation it will be a good idea to test the format of the file.

The payroll file can be set up to be formed at a certain time in a given frequency, e.g. if a salary and absence file is to be handed in by a given date each month.

New workflow



Select Payroll group


  • Select frequency / scheduling
  • Hereafter criteria (Which wage group (s) are to be included in the planned run.
  • Several salary groups can be selected.

Remember to Activate automation - top right corner.





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