Digital signing

In this article you will learn how to send documents for digital signing. It is possible to send documents for digital signing for both candidates and employees.

This article focusses on sending to candidates.

Please note that in order to send documents for digital signing a digital signing service must be activated. This can be done under Settings > Integrations.


1. Upload the document you want to send under "Documents" on the candidates profile




2. Choose the document and click "Sign Document"




3. Choose signing method, template and add more signers if necessary




4. Click "Send Now" to send the document to the candidate


5. The document is now sent and awaiting signing




6. When the candidate has signed the document it now contains and extra page with signature and event log - Notification will be sent directly from the signing service.



What does the candidate receive?

1. The candidate receives a notification via mail or text (chosen under settings) with a link that the candidate needs to click on.

2. Now the candidate just needs to read and sign the document

3. When the document is signed the candidate receives a mail containing the signed document.


See how to set up the Visma Addo integration here.

See how to set up the Penneo integration here.

See how to set up DocuSign integration here.


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