Allocate a payroll group to employees

In this article, you can learn how to allocate payroll groups to existing employees.

When new employees are created, in the HR Management module, they will remain in Pending status in the Organization overview. This happens because some information is missing, which is the payroll info.


To add payroll information, you will need access to the payroll widget on the employee profile. To learn how to do this, go to the Add payroll widget to employee profiles article. 
When the payroll widget is available on the employee profile, you can follow the steps below.


1. Go to main menu - Employees



2. Open the correct employee profile and look for the Payroll widget



3. Hover over this widget and click on the + New employment


Group: Select a payroll group from the dropdown list.
To learn how to create payroll groups, see the Create/edit payroll groups article. 

Employment date: Enter the employment date for the employee.

Seniority date: If necessary, enter the seniority date for the employee.
If nothing is filled out here, it will automatically copy the employment date. 

Resignation date: When applicable, enter the resignation date here. 
When entering a resignation date, you can also choose an existing Resignation reason that is linked to the payroll group you selected above and an optional comment.


4. As soon as you choose a payroll group, the agreement section below appears


Here, you can add 1 or multiple agreements. Per agreement, the following fields can be filled out.

Job title: Enter the title of this employee’s job.

Department: Choose an existing department from the dropdown list.
The location will be automatically loaded based on the selected department.

Effective date: Select the start date for this agreement.

Monthly salary: Choose a currency and a value for the monthly salary.

Working hours: Choose the working hours for this agreement.
A pop-up will open when clicking on this field. The information in this window is pre-filled based on the working hours set up in the payroll group, but they can be edited here for this particular agreement.

Agreements: Upload a file or choose an existing file as the agreement.


Click Save to complete this action.


5. On the employee profile, the Payroll widget should look like the screenshot below.


The employee status will also move from pending to active.


6. To edit the payroll information, click on the Edit button


Given that you have the right permissions, you can edit the payroll information for an employee directly from the employee profile.
Click on the Edit icon next to the agreement you wish to change. You can now edit the existing information and/or add new agreements.





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