Allocate a benefit group to an employee

In this article, you can learn how to allocate a benefit group to a specific employee.

To be able to allocate a benefit group to an employee, you need a specific set of permissions:

  • Access to the Full employee profile.
    This can be set up in the Settings > Account > Roles > choose a role > Functionality > Employees > Organisation > Full employee profile set to All or Custom.
  • Benefits are added to employee profiles via Master Data form. In order to see Benefit group on Master Data, it must be added to the Forms. Go to Settings > Forms > HR > Master Data > Employee > add existing element Benefit group.

  • Finally, you also need access to the Benefit group in question. This access can be set up in the Settings > Templates > Benefits > Groups > open the correct group > adjust the access in the Access tab.

If you have all the correct permissions, you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to main menu - Employees


2. Open an employee profile you have access to and click on the Form button in the upper right corner


3. From the list of forms, choose HR and then Master Data


4. In the field Benefit group, select the correct group. Remember to save your changes




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