Import Benefit information

In this article, you can read how to mass import information to the benefit widget.

If you want to know how to export benefit information out of Emply, you can see this article:
Export Benefit information


Please note, that only administrator can import benefit information

1. Go to the Payroll tab in the Employee module

2. Click the "Import" button


3. Upload file with filled benefit information according to our requirements. We advice to use the example file.


4. Choose between the 3 import options

You can import Employment agreements together with benefits information, if the employees in the file do not have an active agreement, which is mandatory. Below import use employees which already have an active employment agreement.


Select what the import should do:

  • Create new benefit
    If this is chosen, the import will create new benefit items on each employee
  • Update existing benefits (or create if they does not exist)
    If this is chosen, the import will update existing benefit items with i.e. an end date or new description, meaning that data will be overwritten. However, if no match can be found new items will be created if all mandatory information for each item are filled.
  • Do not create or update benefits
    If this is chosen, then no benefit items are created or updated and this specific import would have no purpose.

5. Map each element with information from the dropdown list

6. Click "Import" and a background job is started

You do not need to wait for the import to be finished as a background job is running. You can always go back to the Payroll tab to see if the progress bar is still running. If no, then the import is completed.


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