How to get started with Benefits?

In this article, you can read how you can get started with our new Benefits module including how to convert data from forms to the Benefit widget. 

When you are finished with this article you should end up with a result similar to the view we have on Yolanda:



1. The first thing you need to do is to create the different Benefit groups you need. In below article you read how to create the group including the different types that are needed under Benefits, Supplements and deduction, Pension scheme and Hourly salary rates.

Create/edit Benefits

We normally recommend to at least have a group for Monthly paid and Hourly paid employees as not all types that are available for a monthly paid employee should be available for a hourly paid employee - and this is what your groups help you with.


2. When the different groups are created then you need to insert the default form element called "Benefit Group" on a form (most likely your Master data form) in order for you to choose which group each employee belongs to. 

You can see more in this article "Standard setup of a form" on how to insert the element and in this article Allocate a benefit group to an employee you can see how to choose the group on an employee.

Remember to also the element on form(s) in Onboarding if you want this information to be filled during the Preboarding of an employee. 


3. If you want to be able to fill the Benefit information on employees in the Preboarding process, simply insert the Benefit table element on your Preboarding forms and have the Benefit widget created automatically the first time together with the Payroll widget. 

Please note, the Benefit group element needs to be filled before the Benefit table element as this one decide which types that should be available.

Use the article "Standard setup of a form" to see how to insert the elements on a form and get below result:



4. Now, you are all set and ready to use the new Benefit module. In this article "How do I add/edit Benefits on employees?" you can read how to add or edit benefits on each employee.


What do I do if I already have the information on a form?

If you already have form elements with these information and you want to convert the data into the Benefit module, then you will need to do two things:

1. Export all the form data to an excel file. See how to build an excel file here Create export file - Excel/CSV

2. When you have the data in an excel file, you need to move these data to the default import file for Benefit information - and import the data when the file is filled.
See more information here: Import Benefit information

3. Remove the old form elements and you are now ready to go




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